You’re probably wondering, “What services could possibly get my business more customers?”.

Below are each of the sales-driving services available to you!

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Platform management

Platform management is the logistics of having a social media presence—profile pictures, cover photos, business information, opening hours, services, contact, etc.

Having a clear, up-to-date social media profile is key for attracting followers and potential customers.


Content creation

Content creation is just that—the creation of content to be used across your online presence. Infographics, short animations or videos, polls or curated content, photos or links are all types of content commonly found and consumed online.


Content strategy

Content strategy is a planning process that aims to define the creation and publication of useful, usable content.

If your content is the main course, your content strategy is the entrée that sets it up.



A blog (short for weblog) is a space for mid-length, informal articles that provide information or entertainment.

Linking blogging with social media creates useful and informative content that provides your audience with value and builds their trust and rapport with your business.


email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, where customers give their email addresses in order to be given a discount/offer, valuable resources or ongoing content.

Pair it with paid advertising and implement it in your funnels to drive sales and build deeper relationships with your customers.



A website needs care for it to thrive. A great website needs to be updated regularly and is your business’s online storefront.

Your customers and audience should be able to learn about your story, basic details, products and services, and purchase them online too.


social media advertising

The true power of social media can be found through its paid advertising and advanced audience targeting-capabilities.

Put your business in front of more of the people you matter to for higher quality leads by setting up ads and retargeting campaigns through social media platforms.


search engine optimisation

The search engine (think Google, Bing, Yahoo!) is the phonebook of the digital age.

People don’t sift through yellow phonebook pages, running their finger down letters in 2019… they just pull out their phone and the Internet gives them options.


Printing services

Did you know providers like Vistaprint are based overseas?

You get discounted printing based in Australia so you can support local through Pursuit Media—AND you can save your precious coin for options with higher returns.

Quick turnaround, high-quality, Australian-based printing.